Drawing Lamps for Adult Coloring

To help bring life to your adult coloring books, having the proper lighting to see what you are coloring can be very important.

Remember when your mom use to tell you not to read in the dark, that it was bad for your eyes, well she was right and the same applies to coloring. Studies have shown that working in low light is very strenuous to the eyes, just as looking at a computer screen all day. So working with the proper lighting will only benefit you and your coloring.

Having a good drawing light or drawing lamp at your drawing table or work area is not just for your eyes, it helps with the intricate designs and patterns in your adult coloring books. By keeping it well lit, your drawings and colorings will be much more vibrant to all who see them.

There are many styles to choose from so you can choose what fits your needs or what fits your drawing table best. Some can sit on top of the drawing table while others clamp onto the edge or side. Some also have a magnifyer to help with those small and intricate details.

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